Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wallace Berman's SEMINA 1955-1964 ART IS LOVE IS GOD published by Boo-Hooray

Just now I received a copy in he mail of my Dad's (Wallace Berman) book "Semina 1955-1964 Art Is Love Is God" published by Boo-Hooray and I have to say it's a brilliant production of a book.  Simple design (not easy to do) exposing each segment of Wallace's Semina project.   Every issue layed out, includes a booklet of text as well.  A fantastic job from Johan Kugelberg, Bryan Cipolla and the fine folks at Boo-Hooray. 

Also keep in mind that there will be an opening this Sunday December 8 at the Boo-Hooray, with a special live appearance from John Zorn.   For further information and pre-ordering this book go to the website here:
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