Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 25, 2014

March 25, 2014

I arrived in Los Angeles yesterday, and now it’s 5:21 in the morning, and I can’t think straight whatsoever.  The flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles was a total pleasure, due that I got to watch all three episodes of the third season on the plane of “Sherlock."  I’m obsessed with this show because I think (at least for me) it really a series about relationships more than narrative.  Not saying there is not a robust story appeal to the program, but what is more important are the relationships between Holmes and Watson, Holmes and Moriarty.  Watson with his wife, Holmes and his brother and so forth.  I’m a huge fan of Moriarty, because I am always rooting for the villain.  I feel the same way for Walter White.  I’m always in that weird situation, where I have to defend White as a character I like to various people, who are totally offended by him.  But I truly think he has good qualities as a human being.  Not a “respectable” human being mind you, but he strikes me as a realistic person in an “odd” circumstance in his imaginary life. 

Jack Ruby, who shot Lee Oswald, is also a person of interest for me.   His background life is fascinating, and the fact that he is easily considered to be part of a conspiracy with respect to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.   To be frank I have no interest in conspiracy theories, I am more in-tuned to the fact that maybe Ruby did the killing just out of the blue.   More of a mood thing than just being a part of a thought-out plot.  I am a firm believer that ‘shit happens. ' He was one of those people who had his ‘moment, ’ and he did what he did, that will identify him to that specific moment, when he shot Oswald live on TV.

I was nine years old when I saw the killing on TV.  It was both shocking and unreal.  As I mentioned before the killing of President Kennedy was my first real death experience.  Even though it occurred in front of a standard 8mm camera, and I for sure never met or knew Kennedy, but he was the first person who ‘died’ in my life.   At that time, I don’t think I even had an animal or pet that passed away in my presence.  So death was very abstract to me.  The Jack Ruby shooting was the ‘second’ death that I experienced in my young life at the time.  One can just wonder what the relationship was between Oswald and Ruby.  Did they know one another?   Again, I like to believe that these things just happen.  The thought appeals to my sense of aesthetic - and that is the reason why I like the “Sherlock” show so much, because it does portray a world that is mapped-out to the extreme, and does show a meticulous order to the world.  But in reality, (or in my reality), Holmes and Moriarty do things out of boredom.   And I can be associate with monotony as a writer.   My number one fear is boredom.   Writing to me is a form of traveling but not necessary means getting on the plane or car to go from one location to the next.   For instance, readers can presume I was in Japan, but are you sure that I was there?

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