Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31, 2014

August 31, 2014

Power.  I love power.  There is something so beautiful about the nature of power in that at the end of the day, all that matters is… power.  The people who tend not to like power are the one’s that usually are not fit in that position or have a role in power.  Also oddly enough they appeared to be getting fucked on a regular basis.  They’re almost wearing a sign around their neck saying “Kick me.” But also keep in mind in the role of society, you need these pathetic people, because they will always take abuse, and on times, thank you for it.  They can usually survive due that they can always find another loser among the ranks that will help them out.  One thing that weak people are good at is finding other defenseless people.  What they share is their hatred of those who are entitled.  In fact, it is virtually a mania for these people. The more that they express their hatred for the powerful, the more powerful I get.  It is just like a broken water pipe during a drought.  They blame the neighbor watering his lawn too much, but meanwhile they sheeply accept the real-power-to-be and actually become bullies themselves. It never fails, in that they are totally frustrated by those who control their lives, but they will take it upon themselves to make a fellow citizen feel the blows of their world.

It is usually the huge gesture that makes the powerless feel even more powerless.  Public, almost random, executions always drive them batty.  They basically run back to their shabby homes and frown in front of their computers.  If you overload them full of rotten images, they usually become numb to them.  Excess is my perfume, for another it can smell like shit.  Nevertheless my role is intended to be an entertainer of sorts.  Dishing out punishment as much as favors. My philosophy consists of keeping them guessing.  It is sort of like being behind a mammoth recording mixing board, and you control the sounds in that room.  More vocals, but to do that you just have to lessen the cello player’s input. He or she will complain, but when the moment seems almost too bleak, throws them a bone.  They’ll gobble it down with pure happiness and a sense of regret.

They say power adds a certain amount of isolation.  This is true.  I have put numerous prisoners through solitary confinement, and the irony is, I too put myself in that state of mind.  I basically like people to have sex with, and the ability to master their lives.  This gives me great comfort at the end of the day.  For Love, I have assorted animals that I am quite fond of.  I never mistreat an animal in my life, because I know by their nature that they will, if they are given the opportunity, eat me up.  On the other hand, people reason themselves for survival and therefore rarely strike back in a consistent method.  If you consistently push and push a crowd or a group, they will eventually fight back.  The thing is the fact that they are so frustrated and so full of false pride, they will do something quite futile, like using a useless weapon of some sort.  Once they are doing that, then I can bring the army in and crush them.  Not enough to destroy them, but enough for them to experience the power of my will.

I allow elections and a governing body into my reign of ‘pleasures. ' However, I make sure that they are either voting for Heckle or Jeckle.  The best policy is to ensure that each party fears the other.  Therefore a voter will vote out of fear for the other person, and they will never vote for what they desire.  In a democracy, even a fake one like ours, people tend to vote in a negative fashion.  They fear the other politician because so-of-so, but the fact is both parties are the same thing.  Which again, by the end of the day, is intended to support yours truly.  All I can say is let them hate (me) so as long as they fear (me).  Whatever becomes of me, it will just be my body gone, therefore, and for all purposes, I live.
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