Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Franz Ferdinand Sparks Album

Franz Ferdinand Sparks (FFS)

Thank god, I don't have to wait longer for the new FFS album. For one, those who love pop music, must love this album. I'm a Sparks' fanatic, and this sounds like an excellent Sparks' album with something extra - Franz Ferdinand. Russell Mael and Alex Kapranos trade off vocals as well as do the blend-in effect effortlessly. The song writing is a text-book example of how to do a song right. Oddly enough, if I have to go to the past, I think "Propaganda" as the closest reference point - but this is Sparks working 'now. ' Franz Ferdinand, I think are the one's that had to change their approach to work with Sparks. Alex got his inner-Scott Walker (Walker Brothers era) vocal work-out going, and he is great as Russell frames his vocals by backing him, and confronting him like Ali fighting Frazer in the ring. The beauty of this album is that it doesn't sound forced - but organically put together. FFS is adventuresome pop in an era that is quite boring. For my ears, this album is 16 (I have the I-Tunes deluxe edition) manifestos for strong melodic overtures in a world that is turning gray. Technicolor never sounded so swell!
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