Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"Bowie" by Simon Critchley (Or Books)

9781939293541 Or Books
Philosopher Simon Critchley on a very important subject matter: David Bowie.   As a hardcore Bowie fan, who has read many books on the artist, this one is not exactly essential, but still interesting.  To be honest, I feel that the Facebook page I put up for Bowie's albums, are much more interesting and insightful in the making of these albums.   The Critchley book is charming, but it really doesn't go into the depth of Bowie's work.  In other words, it is not obsessive!

He does write about religion in Bowie's songs as well as other spiritual issues that comes up a lot in his work, and also the subject matter of identity as well.  This book is not meant to be the end-all of all Bowie text - but just something to pile on the top of the Bowie library or in other words, throw it in with the other Bowie titles.

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