Monday, February 27, 2017

Images of Japan by Tosh Berman

Portrait of Tosh Berman, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Bus, Meguro, Tokyo

Western style wedding party, Tokyo

Piss Alley, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Messed-up face display for manga series: Shinjuku, Tokyo

Bar entrance, Nakano Broadway area, Tokyo

Harajuku, Tokyo

Bar in Nakano Broadway area, Tokyo

Hotel in Broadway Nakano, Tokyo

Window display for music shop, Ginza, Tokyo

Meji Park, Tokyo

Music Shop (floor-by-floor) window display, Ginza, Tokyo

Wedding Ceremony at Meji Shrine, Tokyo

Aoyoma, Tokyo Abandoned home

Naked Dolls, but can add clothing, accessories, etc.

Ginza coffee shop, Ginza Tokyo

Ginza Street, Ginza Tokyo

Ginza, Tokyo at dusk

Tom Cruise

Brad Pitt

Doll Faces, Tokyo

Yakuza Dolls

Mid-Century design house items doll size

Rabbit Shrine, Kyoto

Kyoto Burial Grounds

Kyoto Burial Grounds

Meguro, Tokyo, Japan

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