Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Great American Robbery with all Respect to the Republican Party - Taxes by Tosh Berman

A well-organized (well, sort of) heist was done under the noses of U.S. citizens. Not as cool as the Kubrick gang in his film "The Killing," but nevertheless an old-fashioned heist robbery with respect to the passing of the Republican Party Bill / Taxing for the purpose of keeping the very rich to be very rich. With all due respect to one's respect for democracy, I would think such a tax bill shouldn't be decided by The Republican Party, but by the everyday citizens of the U.S. Why can't the great public vote on the Republican bill? Especially a bill that will affect every American in the decades to come. I suggest in the cause of an open society, we should be able to vote on the issue of this tax crime in action, in a special election in the United States just focusing on the current Tax Bill. - Tosh Berman

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