Saturday, December 23, 2017

Benjamin Weissman Writer Amy Gerstler Poet on Tea With Tosh

Both writer/artist Benjamin Weissman and Poet Amy Gerstler had and still have a major influence over my life as a writer and sometimes curator, especially when it comes to my blog, and of course, when I was the Director/Programmer for Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center in Venice California.  For one, Benjamin's writing has a strong presence in my mind when I write fiction.  His short stories were so absurd, yet logically put together so well.  I was struck by his interest in literature, but also in the visual arts, and that made a fantastic impression on me with my work on the pen on paper (writing) as when I was doing programs at the Baroque.  Amy for her god-like presence was very encouraging to me as an administrator at the job, but also her writing is so fantastic.  She is without a doubt, the great living poet in America.   Most of her books now are published by Penguin, and you can find Benjamin's work in two books "Dear Dead Person (High Risk Books) and "Headless" (Little House on the Bowery).  Both titles are highly recommended.  This video was shot in 1987 and I was nervous interviewing these two, because of my admiration for their work.  Watching it now, I love how they answered my questions. Some great advice here!  - Tosh Berman (Tea With Tosh).

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