Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Scott Becker Option Magazine on Tea With Tosh

Scott Becker was the publisher and editor of a really interesting magazine, OPTION, that came out six times a year. They focused exclusively on independent or underground music. Not only rock but experimental and jazz as well.  I find this show interesting because of my interest in music, the music world, and publishing.  The fact that this show was taped in 1986, it's funny that the issues of publication are still with us, for instance making zines.  OPTION was tailored made for the adventuresome music lover.  I miss the nature of music publications like OPTION.  Come to think of it, the review section in WIRE reminds me very much of OPTION.   A classic Tea With Tosh episode!  Oh, and forgive some of the visuals/sound toward the end of the show.  We did the best we can, but even tape gets old.  - Tosh Berman

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