Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"The Adventues of Hergé" by Bocquet, Fromental, and Stanislas

Hergé has always been a mysterious figure to me. What interests me more is not TinTin, but the research that went into his work. The fact that he was a depressive personality and sort of in murky waters with respect to politics -makes him a fascinating subject for a biography. As far as I know there are two biographies in English (one of them is coming out next month) and of course, this graphic biography by Boucquet, Fromental and the remarkable illustrator Stanislas. 
I am a total sucker for the typical design for graphic novels in France. And the great publishing house Drawn and Quarterly keeps the same design. And if you looked at it fast enough at a bookstore, you think it was part of the TinTin series. So, yes, a very elegant book. But I also feel that this book was edited down, because it jumps around a lot. And I did enjoy reading it in one sitting (well I am in a bed with a cold), but still, i wished it lingered in certain parts of the narrative. But for sure, I am going to dwell into the world of TinTin. This book wet my hunger for boy reporters who get themselves in jams
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