Saturday, January 14, 2012

"L'Art et le Sang" by Benoit Preteseille

Based on the great Marcel Allain/Pierre Souvestre character Fantomas, the author/graphic comic artist Benoit Preteseille takes "Fantamas" into a more crazy and bloody world.  And the original Fantomas is pretty much out there, but this goes a littler further and is also quite sincerely creepy.  This version of Fantamas is disfigured and actually in one of the stories cuts off his lower half after chopping his lover's head off.  So yes a lot of identity role playing and sawing limbs are at work here.  The book is in French (and no I don't read French) but the graphic images do tell the tale - and maybe i am making this up with my horror imagination, but this is a work of a very talented artist.  One should know the tradition of Fantomas.  And yeah, this is one of the books I bought at the weird but fantastic (and best) bookstore ever.  Located in Paris of course.

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