Friday, January 13, 2012

Un Regard Moderne

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This is perhaps the greatest bookstore I have ever been to.  For one, it is really hard to walk in - you can't because there are nothing but piles and piles of books.  Piles is a weak world - it is more like mountain of books all around you.  To walk in you almost have to go on your side.   You can only go forward or backwards.

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Un Regard Moderne specializes in pop culture - which means an excellent selection of graphic comics/novels - both in French and English and probably other languages as well.  Great film selection, art, photo, and mondo subject matter stuff. But beyond that, the space in here is incredible, because there is no space.  As you can see the books are stacked up to the ceiling.  Truly one of the most amazing stores I have ever been to.

The address & phone number:

Un Regard Moderne 
10 Rue Gît le Coeur, 75006 Paris
01 43 29 13 93 

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