Monday, August 20, 2012

Recent Vinyl Buys

I have been looking for the album for awhile and now have it.  "Jack Good's Oh Boy" was recorded in a TV studio in London on October 19, 1958.  Starring a very young Cliff Richard and the always fantastic John Barry Seven.  With appearances from Vince Eager, The Vernons Girls, and smoothy singer Peter Elliott.  Hardcore British late 1950's culture.  Probably one of the first and of course the earliest example of the Rock n' Roll variety show.  Totally fascinating.  Purchased this album from Rockaway Records in Silverlake.

Here is an example of the original show.  From 1959:  Including the fantastic Billy Fury

Oh Boy Part 1

Oh Boy Part 2

Another episode of Oh Boy (April 4, 1959)

Oh Boy Part 1 April 4, 1959

Oh Boy Part 2 April 4, 1959

Oh Boy Part 3 Aprio 4, 1959 (a great Chris Andrews sequence)

One of my all time favorite singers is Paul Jones. He was the lead singer for Manfred Mann, and starred in the very odd but wonderful film "Privilage."  This is a solo album of his from 1967 or 1968.  Not perfect mind you, but nevertheless a wonderful odd work by Mr. Jones.  I just purchased this album from Mono Records in Echo Park. 
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