Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 3, 2014

April 3, 2014

I’m not as good looking as Marlon Brando, but I do look up to him as a remarkable dresser, especially from “The Wild One” era.   The white T-shirt, jeans rolled up cuffs, and motorcycle boots is such a classic and great look.  With me, I believe in the uniform, but I like it better when the wearer can decide what uniform they want in life.  I don’t like to wear a uniform due to occupation or work.   Whenever I look for work, I shy away from occupations where they issue you a uniform.

Although strangely enough there are occupations where the uniform and the man looks good together.  Almost a perfect meeting of the mind and body - and that is the UPS carrier.   I never saw a UPS carrier look awkward in their uniform.  I also like the color brown, despite the fact that many probably find it a bit dull, but to me it’s a color that one can add a certain amount of imagination to it.  Brown is also quite stable where it conveys a sense of comfort, simplicity, and quality.   Also it is a color of being industrious, hardworking and more important to me, being reliable.   Which is what you want in a UPS employee.   Sadly, I don’t have the brown quality in my life.

I’m more of a black and white person, but only visually.  I’m a firm believer that one should live in the grays.  Technicolor is for sure, not me.   Being sort of a 19th century personality, black was considered to be the color for romantic poets, and I’m surely in that bracelet, as my fans know by now.  I see black as being very elegant, but I don’t tie it in with power, death or evil at all.  To me, it is like looking at the color white.   I can project myself there without hindrance or a worry, because I feel I’m looking into the void.

Oddly enough I find white to be a tad sinister.  Also quite obsessive as well.  The first thing I think of is wearing a white suit or white pants, and having either a piece of food or sauce splattered on the pants, or not controlling the urine at the right time.  It exposes one to the world, when in fact, you don’t want to be exposed at the moment or time.  Wearing white is almost like being naked in front of a hostile world.  Also it can reflect one’s mood, and white can either be peaceful or a horror show of sorts.  “A Clockwork Orange” is a film that I believe to be white.  If Alex’s gang wore black, it would have been comical, but the whiteness of their outfits offers a sense of terror or horror.

Brando, I think was not worried about wearing white, because he wanted to show the sweat, the dirt, body fluids, and the by-products of a specific time and space.   He would never wear brown, because surely that is a sign of being stable, and that was the last thing on Brando’s mind was to be fixed or secure.  

Lately I have been wearing a white T-shirt and black jeans.  Black shoes, and white socks.  I’m hoping that it will convey a sense of balance, where I’m looking into the void, but the contrast of the black and white will lead me to a better spot, or at the very least, a comforting one.
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