Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Rear Windows: An Inside Look at Fifty Film Noir Classics" by Norman ConquestP

Can be purchased here:  http://www.magcloud.com/user/blackscat

Two words together that always brings me great entertainment: Norman.  Conquest.   Here he does the ultimate tribute, which is also a meditation on the classic film noir.   In Norman’s point-of-view, one must have a window to see out, but more likely to look out of the small containment that is a room that expresses a troubling series of moments.   “Rear Windows” is a quiet book, but it is also probably the most truthful book on Noir that’s out there.  If one is placed in a prison cell, the window in that cell represents many things to the confined prisoner.  To look out, or to project one to another place, like outside the window.  These windows are not made to look into the space, but as a spiritual exit out of that space and time.  “Rear Windows” is a book of remarkable wit, and also a sincere tribute to the visions that are noir, and projected on the screen, and then bounced back to our head.
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