Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Thoughts (Images) on Sparks while Working on "Angst in my Pants" Chapter in my book on Sparks

Walt Disney

Ron Mael (Sparks)

Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney visions a world that is not the world, but it's his world

Disney sees the world something like this

In Walt's world this is the perfect bedroom

In a perfect Disney "World" this is the perfect girl

Minnie Mouse is our deep secret desire.

But perhaps this is what we really desire as well.

Peter Pan is the ideal man for our fantasies. We never want to leave the world that we made up in our imagination.

Sparks' express the conflict what we desire and dream about and what's out there in the so called world. Disney made up his world and Sparks' made up their world as well.

At last a world where everyone can understand and appreciate.