Monday, October 31, 2011

Buster Cornbread Halloween Hoot-e-Nanny

A very short film by Relah, Kent & Buster. And if you blink your eyes you may miss yours truly as well. Very scary.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Enrique Vila-Matas' "Montano's Malady"

Is there such a thing as literature sickness? According to Enrique Vila-Matas' (sort of) novel, the answer is yes. There also should be a warning sign on the cover saying this book is only for literary nerds, because this is a hardcore open port to the world of literary concerns. In fact, one would think that this is the ultlmate book for anyone who is even thinking of writing a novel or two. 
Reflections on Kafka, Benjamin, and every cult writer from the 20th Century is in this book, as well as some side issues, like Edgar Ulmer' s great noir film "Detour." And also what is a writer's journal and does it reflect on 'real' life or life imagined. Does these issues concern you? If no, skip the book, but if you are an obsessive reader like me, who wonders about these things -well then Vila-Matas is the Brian Wilson of Euro book geek-dom. So yeah, I love it. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Brian Wilson reveals The Beach Boys Smile Sessions Light Up Box Set

Designed by Tom Recchion.

The Beach Boys Smile Sessions Unboxing

A fan's take on the packaging of Smile (double disk set). And Tom Recchion who does all the design work for TamTam Books, did the "Smile" packaging. Its a small world Mr. Disney.

The Beach Boys An Introduction to "SMiLE Sessions"

Well only days or is it just hours from the official release of one of the great bootleg albums of all time.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spanish Harlem (demo) - Phil Spector (1960)

Phil Spector's demo for "Spanish Harlem." Its a beaut! How I would love it if there was an album of Phil Spector singing and playing guitar. Yes, that would be lovely.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Minimum Miniature/ Opening" Lun*na Menoh

Minimum Miniature // Opening from Lunna World on Vimeo.

I expect everyone to be there.  Its remarkable watching this show being put together in Lun*na's studio.

"Minimum Miniature" Two Models - Lun*na Menoh

Minimum Miniature // Two Models from Lunna World on Vimeo.

"Minimum Miniature" by Lun*na Menoh

Minimum Miniature // Lineup from Lunna World on Vimeo.

Shiro Hamao's "The Devil's Disciple"

"eroguro-nansensu" or as they say in English "erotic grotesque nonesense" was a school of writing in 1920's Japan. Decadent, druggy, kinky, The most famous writer in that movement without a leader was Edogawa Rampo (yes it is a play on the name Edgar Allen Poe) and Shiro Hamao. Hamao was a lawyer by trade from a very well connected family. He threw that life away to become a crime writer, and an early supporter of gay rights in Japan. Died young, yet a dandy, Hamao had it all. And we can be thankful for Hesperus publishing these two short novels "The Devil's Disciple" and "Did He Kill Him?" 
Both stories are pretty pulpy, but it drips with Asakusa 1920's life, and both have a gay sensual quality. Imagine Cocteau writing a gay noir detective story - and that is pretty much what is here. So yeah, not a masterpiece, but nevertheless a fascinating writer in a fascinating country in a very exciting series of moments. 
Both stories deal with seduction that leads to a crime - and no regrets! One can only hope shortly that there will be more Shiro Hamao stories in English.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ry Cooder's "Los Angeles Stories"

The stars are lined up perfectly for musicians who write books.  Some of my favorite books are by rock n' roll people i.e. Patti Smith's "Just kids," and Nick Cave's novels.   And now we have a superb collection of short stories by guitarist/songwriter Ry Cooder that deals with Los Angeles from 1940 to the mid-50's and its brilliant.  What you get is a series of snapshots of life in different neighborhoods of Los Angeles, and some of these places don't exist anymore - but yet they live via Cooder's writing.  After reading this book I wanted to rush off and locate volumes on Los Angeles history and its tall tales.
All narratives are strong, and very Noir in its approach and the way it looks at urban life.  Money is tight, the fear of communism is in the air, and more bad times are just around the corner - yet the eccentricity of the characters are incredibly endearing - even though they're very low-level criminal types or even murderers.  Nevertheless "Los Angeles Stories" is a classic of urban history research and fiction.   After each story and while reading them, I was consistently googling to see if they actually exist or not.  Some do and some don't and that's all part of the fun.   Essential!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Evariste - Connais-tu l'animal qui inventa le calcul intégral ? - 1967

I have this record! Evariste needs to be known. He has the best haircut of 1967, and he's incredible.

La Révolution, Evariste, 1969

Situationist/May 68 pop from Evariste!

Évariste - La Chasse au boson intermédiaire (1967)

Demented music by Evariste. 1967 at its most....1967. I hear May 68 around the corner here.

Evariste "Wo I Nee" 1967 Dim Dam Dom

A new (well 1967) new talent for me: Evariste. He's incredible.

Love "Speaking in Tongues" Exhibition

The exhibition "Speaking In Tongues: Wallace Berman and Robert Heinecken" is a magnificent show.  Of course me saying that seems odd since one of the artists is my Dad - but beyond that Sam Mellon and Claudia Bohn-Spector has done a spectacular  job in putting these two artists together in one show.  The energy in the gallery space just zings from one to the other.  Heinecken's work just has that "it" quality and his pieces speaks well with my Dad's art.  The show is at the Armory Center of the Arts in Pasadena.  Its part of the Umbrella group of exhibitions "Pacific Standard Time."  I strongly suggest if you are in the Southern California area, do see the show.  There is also a catalog that comes with the exhibition and its in a limited edition of 1,000.  Designed by Lorraine Wild.  And also I want to thank not only  Robert's family for oking this show, but also the staff and administrative people at the Armory, for allowing and putting this show up.  Magnificent!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sewing Sisters a new band with Lun*na Menoh & Tsugumi Takashi

The puppet version of Sewing Sisters.   Lun*na Menoh on the left and Tsugumi Takashi on the right.  Tsugumi on electronics/computer and Lun*na on the guitar and....sewing machine.  This November!