Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Let There Be Drums... Tribute to Alan Myers

DEVO "Gut Feeling" / Slap Your Mammy" France, 1978

DEVO "Mongoloid" / "Gut Feeling"  1977, New York?

DEVO "Smart Patrol"/ "Mr. DNA"  1977, NYC

DEVO live in their early years as they were making the noise. Alan's drumming is the engine that made these live shows so intense and powerful.   During this time I went to every show when they played in Los Angeles, and it was like someone smacking you in the head.  The beat and rhythm was relentless.  Often I wanted to stand right behind Alan to see if it was a magic trick of some sort.  It wasn't.  He was the greatest drummer of his generation.  No doubt about that.

DEVO "Satisfaction" (Official Video)

DEVO "Satisfaction" France, TV

DEVO's total re-worked version of the Stones classic.  Alan at (one of his) best.

Skyline Electric @ Unknown Theater

Skyline Electric, July 7, 2007

Another side of Alan's interest is improvisational music.  Skyline Electric served the purpose of making music in unusual settings and locations.  I have seen one or two performances through out the years, and both were exceptional events.
Swahili Blonde (With Alan on drums)

Will continue with the subject matter in another blog.

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