Thursday, December 13, 2007

TamTam Books' Tribute to DIRK BOGARDE

Dirk Bogarde is one of my all-time favorite actors. If his name is attached to the title or project, I am always there for him. He also had a second career as a writer - both memoirs and novels. Here are some of his film works:

"Song Without End"

"The Night Porter"

"Despair" by Rainer Werner Fassbinder


"Damned" by Visconti

Making of "Death in Venice"

This is an excellent memoir of his movie years.

Some may feel that this is a little bit campy, but I love this album. Bogarde basically recites the great American (and British?) songbook. Bryan Ferry anyone?

The Dirk Bogarde masterpiece in my opinion is Joseph Losey's "The Servant."

Based on this great little novel by Robin Maugham
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