Friday, July 18, 2014

July 18, 2014

July 18, 2014

“I put a spell on you because  … you’re mine.” I want to make you do the evil things I want you to do.   I like to tease you, to see how you would react.  I lightly batter you around, and forbid you to strike back.   But when you do darling, my little darling, I’ll bite you so hard, that my teeth marks will be on you for life.  You can scream and shout, but no one will believe you.   Because my little darling, you are mine.

You will be running away from me on a beach, but alas, the land is wide and open.  I can just take my time and send you my missile of love, just to scare you, and to remind you, forever more, that you’re mine.  It doesn’t matter if you’re surrounded by love ones, or those who care, because I will destroy them to get to you.  You’re going to realize you’re a loon and you’ll be scared of the cunning moon, under the crepe of world-pain that won’t pass baby, for -oh terror! - All is under a jar of glass, and I got you babe, because you’re mine.

You’re gonna ask why?  And I’m gonna tell you nothing, because I’m not lying, I’m after you.  I got a fort to protect, and you my dear love, don’t fit in my scheme of things.   I like you, but you’ll never believe me, because the way I treat you.  I was born to love, but the world won’t let me love you the way I always want to.  And on top of that, you have put me down, and I don’t want chance to define our relationship, so it’s best to show the might that I have, because I can, and I can do evil, however you want to define evil.

Me and my friends sit on a top of a hill to watch over you.  We’re laughing, we’re drinking, and we want to make you understand that we can do this, because we can.   I often feel ashamed, feel blue, and a touch drunk, but what can I do?  Back home, I have a model of your town, and your home, and I can sit there and look at it, and once in a while I can go by there and flick a building down with my index and middle finger.   I like the feeling that you’re mine, that I got you, and I want you forever.  We’ve been through this so many times, and the results are still the same.  Me on top and you on the bottom, because I put a spell on you, and you’re mine.
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