Sunday, October 5, 2014

"Doutor Story" by Tosh Berman

Doutor Story
Tosh Berman

The meeting was scheduled for 5PM at the Doutor coffee shop near the Muashi Koyama station.  I showed up on time, but not a trace of her - so I ordered a peanut butter cookie and hot blended coffee.  Found a table for two, and took a place to have my coffee - very slowly mind you.

Since I was sitting by the entrance I played a game by myself where I counted all the umbrellas that passed by that door.  It was strangely meditative and once I counted to a hundred I felt a sense of relief.  If everything else fails at the very least, I counted 100 umbrellas.  It’s raining now and it has been for the past 15 hours or so - so the umbrellas were no surprise whatsoever.

The thought that bothers me the most is my meeting with Mary-Jane.   I can’t imagine why she wanted to consult with me, in such terrible weather.  Yet, as a gentleman, I agreed to do so. Mary-Jane is what one would call a “fuck-buddy.” But this meeting doesn’t seem to be the usual case.  So I was a total nervous as I sipped on my new chilled coffee.

She shows up and she looks fantastic.  Now I’m happy that this will be a “fuck-buddy meeting - but alas, her eyes are not saying anything like that.  It is showing hesitation.  Which in my experience is always a bad sign.  She sat down and grabbed my hand and put it in between her legs.   She then removed my hand and said “no more. ”

I didn’t say anything.  She didn’t say anything.  After three minutes of silence between us, I told her: “When I say start, you must count all the people who are carrying an umbrella coming into this coffee shop.  When I say stop, let me get your number and then I’ll give you my number.”

She consented to do this.  I counted up to 3 and said go!” Our eyes glance toward the entrance and after 15 minutes I said to “stop.” She counted 12 and I counted 16.

We stared at each other and I told her that our numbers are different and therefore we cannot possibly be capable either for friendship or being “fuck-buddies.” She understood.  She smiles at me.  She got up and left the table.  She had an umbrella with her.   She raised her umbrella as she stood at the entrance of the coffee shop and yelled “one!” And then she walked out.

Tosh Berman
October 5, 2014
Meguro, Tokyo at Doutor coffee shop.
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