Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Belles Chansons" by Antoine (Vogue Records, France, Vinyl 1967)

Antonine, to my ears is the French Donovan.  Both were making music around the same time, and like the Scottish pop/folk singer, there is a tinge of quietness but with a great deal of spunk and style.  Very tastefully arranged, Antonine draws me into his world, which seems reflective but youthful.  There is even a version of "Hey Joe" (Jeremie et L'existence de dieu) that is up there with The Leaves/Love.   The album has a bigger production on the first side -with baroque like string arrangements with a tad of garage rock, and the flip side is very much acoustic guitar and voice, and maybe a stand-up bass.  Very 1967 like, quiet, and really fits the mood for those who are into the Psych-folk thing.  But I sense that Antonine has a bite, and this is a very cool album.  In other words I love it.

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