Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Morrissey The Pageant of his Bleeding Heart" by Gavin Hopps

The first academic literary criticism book on the works of Morrissey. And much needed I want to add. There is only a handful of really great songwriters working right now, and without a doubt Morrissey is one of them. And on a genius level as well. So yes, as you can gather I like his work a lot. But the beauty of Morrissey's work is the ability to show a certain amount of cultural history in his work. When you listen or look (I feel pop music is important as a visual medium as well as an aural experience) at Morrissey you are not only getting his music, but also a whole culture of post-war England with a tad touch of Europe as well. Morrissey is a magnet for critical or cultural studies attention, and its nice to see this book focus on that aspect of this musical giant
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