Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Dive Dark Dream Slow" by Melissa Catanese

"Dive Dark Dream Slow" as a title is truth in advertising.  A beautiful meditation (of sorts) on jumping into a void.  Photographer Melissa Catanese edited this book by using images owned and collected by Peter J. Cohen.   All are what is called 'found images' - mostly from flea markets, e-bay and so forth.  The images themselves stands alone, but in this artist's book it gets into another dream-like narrative.   Poetry, but without words, and images that speaks poetry.  This book is very sensual, seductive, and its like the moment when you are still awake but you are about to fall asleep.   This is the book that will fit perfectly in that place.  Beautifully printed and published by The Ice Plant, and distributed by D.A.P.
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