Monday, November 26, 2012

Miles Davis' "Sketches of Spain"

An amazing beautiful piece of record-making. I just purchased this the other day, and its in Mono, and the sound is so fantastic.  But then again, the music is incredible on many fronts.  The Gil Evans arrangements are superb, knows when to be quiet, and knows how to raise the temperature in a room. 

Miles just glides over the melody - goes in and goes out like a wave hitting the beach.  In essence its being on the sand and letting the water hit you and one can feel the pull into the ocean, and it will bring you back in place and time.  "Sketches of Spain" does that to me.  Overly romantic, but the mood is a combination of dark and plain reflective. 

I remember this album when I went off with my parents as a child to visit other people.  They were architects, and I always think of architecture when I hear this album.   Very mid-century type of sound - more geared towards the professional than say the bopster in a coffee house or club.  I imagine this album had a huge affect on people like Bryan Ferry - due to its orchestration and effortless perfection.  

Also this album is very hard to categorize.  I think it belongs to another world that only exists in one's head.   Which is my favorite type of album.  

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