Friday, November 23, 2012

The Velvet Underground - Scepter Studios Sessions

A record store day release and a great one at that.  What we have here is the acetate cut of the first Velvet Underground recordings.  Basically all these songs show up on the first album, but this is sort of like a mirror-image of that album.  Different arrangements, different guitar solos, rhythms are different as well.  One cannot destroy what's perfect and what's perfect is the band themselves.  They mend into one force, and with such great songs they could never lose.    What i have is the limited numbered edition on vinyl, but the recordings are also part of the brand new box set focusing on the first Velvets album.  I have this, and now considering getting the box set as well.  Might as well swim in the waters of the first album, because its such an iconic and fantastic adventure. 

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